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Gritty Realities

So your guests have returned home after Christmas. Or perhaps you were the guest and you have returned to your own home. Gifts have been exchanged, stories shared and meals enjoyed. The preparation and planning of weeks are over in an instant. Now all that is left is to clean up, get organized and…
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Two Worlds

The parable of Lazarus and the Rich man is one that occurs in two worlds. The spiritual and the physical; those who have and those who do not. These different planes of existence provide the framework for the parable and they serve to inform us as to how the story…
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Called To Serve

There are a variety of jobs that are defined by the power that comes with them. CEO’s of companies, police officers and perhaps most notably politicians. There is a saying that some political pundits south of the border have: Whoever desires to be President should be disqualified out of hand.…
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