neil-ellis-ministerWelcome to my corner of the Internet. I hope that this space is informative and helpful for you as you journey as a follower of Christ. I serve as the Minister of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Cobourg located east of Toronto, Canada. The primary purpose of this site is a space for me to share my sermons and other thoughts relating to the church and ministry in God’s service.

In enjoy reflecting on questions of spiritual formation as a follower of Christ, rather than focusing on what it means to be a Christian. How does being a Follower of the Way alter the way I view the world and how is being faithful to Christ relevant today. How does our faith, intersect with the culture we live in? How does this impact the church and what role can technology play?

Ellis FamilyI am blessed to be on this journey with a wonderful family. My wife and two boys are a source of joy and reminder of God’s wonderful grace in my life. Kate keeps me grounded, asking me the practical questions that I might often over look. My boys remind me to always ask questions, to have fun and maybe even be a little wild.

Outside of the church I enjoy time spent with family and friends, single malt and good conversation. I enjoy hiking and hope to complete a few of the Great Hikes. I have the West Highland Way under my belt already and am 80 km into the Bruce Trail. I am a self professed geek and enjoy exploring social media and technology. Board games are a fun diversion and I will take a nap whenever I can get away with it.

Blessings to you on your journey.