i-want-it-now, immediacyIn my mind one of the problems which plagues modern western or North Atlantic societies is the that of immediacy. With all of our technological advancements we have come to expect things quickly.

We get information quickly, we send letters quickly. When things do not happen quickly, we get frustrated. We wonder why we are being ignored when our text from one hour ago has not been replied to.

To give you a sense of what I am talking about I will use a brief baseball analogy. I live near Toronto and am a fan of the Blue Jays! #GoJaysGo! As most of Toronto, and the baseball world, knows the Blue Jays have been doing rather well since the trade deadline. So well in fact that they are challenging for the lead in their division. The Blue Jays recently won seven of their last 9 games. Three versus the Yankee’s, who are in first place, three verses the Athletics and finally one more against the Yankee’s. The two games they lost were to the Yankee’s.

After loosing the first of those games to the Yankee’s there was an article published in the Toronto Star: The Blue Jays Suddenly Dormant Offence needs a Revival!

Now to be sure the Jays didn’t score a lot of runs versus the Yankee’s and the Yankee’s didn’t score a lot of runs on the Jays. But consider that in the series against Oakland the Jays outscored the Athletics 18-7. Yet, one game later the offense is dormant and needs a revival. Talk about an immediacy problem.

Now, I am not a baseball analyst though I do know you need to score runs to win. So I won’t wade deeper into the what the Jays should or shouldn’t do to win. I’ll just keep tuning in and watching games. However, I think this article illustrates my point about our expectations in society. We expect that things will happen when we desire them, because we desire them.

Anything less is often seen as a personal affront. It is as if our world were about to collapse because we had to wait.

Yet, in waiting we are able to slow down. We are able to enjoy just being. In silence we find discovery.

The next time you find yourself being bombarded by the requirements of society, take a breath, take a step back and relax. Let it go. Our calling as Christians is to be a reflection of God in the world. Focus on that, it is enough.