bless-the-lordThe other day got off to a rough start, I mean really rough. Nothing seemed to be going right. I was prepared for the day, my work was done. Yet arriving at the College I couldn’t but feel ill-prepared for the day. It was a day full of unexpected surprises, changes in schedule and a little anxiety. Please understand, it was not a bad day, it just had a rocky beginning.

However, in the midst of that day I was at worship (one of four service I attended that day). It was during that worship that I just let it all go and gave my concerns up to God. The worship opened by singing 10,000 Reasons and as we sang I realized that I needed this. That I needed to offer praise to God, that I needed to worship God. I have included a video of Matt Redman’s song 10,000 Reasons. I hope it inspires you to worship God and to allow God to work in your life.

It is in light of this that experience that I’ve compiled a simple list of 10 Reasons why I am thankful for God. The list is not exhaustive, but it is a start for explaining my appreciation and thanks to God.

  1. Reliance – God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help during times of need. (Psalm 46:1)
  2. Beauty – Sun rises, sunsets, the mountains, blue oceans, children laughing. It is not hard to see the beauty that God has created and allowed us to enjoy.
  3. Call – I have called you by name, you are mine. (Isaiah 43:1) God has called us to his purpose, that purpose is not always clear and often it is the last thing we are interested in doing. Still God calls.
  4. Grace – In Jesus we have been offered the wonderful gift of grace. Freely given.
  5. Life – Our very lives are a gift from God. How we live them are a testament to our faith in God.
  6. Love – For God so loved the world (John 3:16). Often we forget that God acts and is motivated out of love for us.
  7. Creation – In the beginning… All of creation to enjoy and to care for. A blessing and a calling.
  8. Justice – God reminds us to work for justice, not for our own sake but for God’s. But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. (Amos 5:24)
  9. Prayer – Prayer is how we talk to God. Prayer is powerful, prayer will change you.
  10. Peace – Christ is called the Prince of Peace. If we are brave enough we can enter into that peace and work for that peace here on Earth.

It’s a short list, each of these topics could fill pages and pages of thoughts. What is here is a start, a place to begin the journey.